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HQ & Built to suit

Found in most major cities worldwide, serviced offices offer a private workspace which includes everything you need to run your business. Private floors of offices and amenities in a white-label location, with our team entirely behind-the-scenes. Whether your company needs a handful of offices, a floor, or even a whole building, through our landlord partnerships we can help you scale to meet your needs.

Best for;

  • Primary headquarters

  • Teams of 20-250

  • Complete autonomy

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Executive and Office SUites

Give your team a space of their own. Our suites include dedicated conference rooms, collaboration lounges, executive offices, and a branded reception area. We offer both permanent and satellite office solutions. Whether you are looking for a long term lease or flexibility as you grow and expand your regional business we are here with options for you. Our commitments are elastic and wide ranging. Choose from any of our over 3, 100 partner locations worldwide. Offices for lease by the day, by the week, or by the year. Move-in ready including everything you need, with internet, desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

You never need to get locked into a lease, you always have the option to stay agile!

You get all the perks of a traditional office but with none of the limiting restrictions. Furnished executive office suites offer cost-effective flexible terms, pay-as-you-go services, and the ability to grow your business on your own terms while dramatically reducing your upfront costs. 

Best for;

  • Teams of 25+

  • Large satellite office

  • Regional HQ

  • Innovation space

LA Private Office

Traditional Private Offices

Private offices are a flexible, hassle free and cost effective workspace solution with 24/7 access. Private offices offer a low start-up cost, a turn-key-ready space with full office administration and the ability to grow or reduce your space at short notice, serviced offices give your company the flexibility to grow and evolve as you do. Get down to business fast with move-in ready private offices to accommodate teams of all sizes. Offices for lease by the day, by the week, or by the year. Move-in ready including everything you need, with internet, desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

This means your business can move in immediately while also significantly reducing the upfront costs associated with fitting out, setting up and furnishing an office.

With lease agreements available from as little as month to month, your company doesn’t need to be tied down to a long term lease. This gives you the flexibility to grow your team, scale back or change your workspace at short notice to best suit your needs.

Best for;

  • Companies of 1-60+

  • Small teams

  • Remote workers

  • Temporary space

single person office with guest chair
Executive day office

Day Offices

This is a perfect option for professionals on the go who typically work within the 9-5 workday and want a profession space to operate from such as sales agents and consultants as well as entrepreneurs looking to get into a private furnished office at a fraction of the cost of a permanent office. Arrive at your day office with briefcase, backpack and laptop in hand and get to work! This private office is yous all day until you pack up and carry on and make your next move at 5!

This isn’t an office that you would move all of your stuff into permanently, but is a private office just for you which is available throughout the workday. In and out privileges are from 08:30 - 17:00h Monday - Friday!

Need to stay late? No problem! After 17:00h you can stay well into the night until the next morning 08:30h, but once you leave after the reception closes, you have no access back into the facility because you don't hold keys and pass-cards like that of a Traditional Private Office client.

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coworking and hot desks

Desk space in a shared office environment, with a hot desking policy that is first come, first served. Coworking and shared office space give you the facilities of a large office but at a fraction of the cost in an open plan setting.  Since you only pay for the space you need, which could be as little as one desk, coworking can be a cost effective option. Coworking is ideal for flexible working. If you don’t need a desk or office every day of the week you can just use the space at a time that suits you, from one day a week to full time.

Coworking spaces are known for their sense of community; providing a social environment where individuals can work independently, but alongside like-minded individuals. A coworking space can offer plenty of opportunities to network, collaborate and share ideas.

Due to their affordability and sociable environment start-up companies and creative freelancers find themselves right at home in coworking spaces.

Choose a coworking desk in a shared office environment at any of the over 3,100 locations around the world. Co-working gives you the benefit of a full-time office, but you only pay for the desk you use. Choose your own permanent desk or sit wherever you’d like, just bring your laptop, pick an open seat, and get to work.

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Virtual Offices

A virtual office is a business address in prime location allowing you to establish a presence anywhere in the world. This way you can establish your business in a prime location at minimal cost while meeting business regulatory requirements by having a fixed address. You can always your contract to any of our addresses as you travel at no additional cost. Also with our mail handling services you can direct your mail to any of our business addresses; and when you're ready you can have it forwarded to your current location or pick it up! We also offer discounts on your shipping with UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc

Whether you are working from home, or always on the move a virtual office might be just the right solution for you.


Global Access, Location independence & Digital Nomads

Give your teams a passport to productivity, with unlimited access to over 3,100 workspace locations around the globe. Members can book a hot desk or day office at any location of their choice.

Best for;

  • Individuals to teams of 15+

  • Traveling executives

  • Mobile sales teams

  • Remote employees


You can always call us anytime day or night 24/7 to get help from a professional leasing agent right away
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