WeWork Eyes Opening Up 20 New Toronto Locations


The rumour mill has been churning out stories of WeWorks Toronto ambitions to open an additional 20 locations across the city in the wake of the hot office market.

WeWork, the New York based company would like to achieve this goal of opening an additional 17 locations within three years. Their first location was opened in the city last year with the second location opening on Bloor street shortly thereafter. Much to the surprise of no one at AllOffice.Space both were nearly completely occupied within the first couple of months.

The popularity of shared furnished offices with flexible lease terms, beer, beautiful artwork and interior design has been a boon for the entrepreneurial market. Gone are the days from being relegated to work alone on your start up from a public library, your kitchen table or coffee shops. While those options are still viable and welcome at time shared office providers are opening up the power of choice in this commercial office market.

The appeal of shared offices isn’t limited to small business as some of the larger tenants in our listings include Royal Bank of Canada and Shopify.

Prices of single offices average around $980 per month and about $430 for desk space.