Useful Apps for Small Business Owners

The technological world is getting more advanced. This makes it easier for a small business owner to integrate it their business. They will be able to get the latest updates which make their business more efficient. Optimizing your business can be a daunting task but it is essential to take small steps, and eventually, the process will be useful.

For effectiveness of this tech apps, you might consider having an office space that is more tailored to your needs which is more relaxed and productive environment. I suggest you explore the option of co-working spaces. They are advantageous to budget-conscious and fast-growing startups. To have a successful business, you need to provide a great working place.

If you need a calm environment to avoid co-working spaces that are communal and noisy. To settle on the best ones consider: its location, design, pricing structure, and your neighbors. To maximize your business as a freelancer, entrepreneur or a business owner, you will require the following tech apps:

1. Todoist

Todoist is a competent task organizer. It as quite impressive features which supports devices across more than ten platforms thus making it functional and accessible to small business owners and freelancers. Todoist will help you in:

  • Allows for file attachments and comments of any given task

  • Create labels to organize across projects

  • Create reminders based on location and time

  • Create and assign tasks to specific projects

  • Delegation of projects

Most of its features are free. Alternatively, you can make a yearly subscription to enjoy services like location-based reminder powerful add-on and project templates. With such a performance This app might be the one you have always been searching.


Slack is one of the best apps that help you and your employees to stay in contact. It has playful features and easy to use interface. The following features keep your business organized:

  • It can bring teams together thus promoting collaboration

  • It separates topics and collective ideas thus your team members can view other public channels

  • You can join or leave conversation easily

  • It integrates with google drive, Dropbox among others thus making life easier Most business organizations use slack for file sharing, real-time chat, and video/audio calls.

Slack has rich free features, but you can also make a subscription and enjoy group video and audio calls, screen sharing and many more.

3. Zipbooks

This is an online accounting software app which is free and easy to use. It is specifically designed for small businesses. It manages taxes, payrolls and it helps in bookkeeping.Additionally, it offers online invoicing, recurring billing, credit card processing, time tracking, and expense tracking. These make it an excellent financial manager.


Clear is another recommended app for business owners. It is a task-management and gesture-based app that is very easy to use. You can adjust items by pinching them, pulling down on screen and swiping.

Furthermore, you can create and manage reminders, lists, and schedules to organize tasks. This app synchronizes well with iPod touch,iPhone, Mac desktop and iPad.Management of tasks becomes super simple. Using clear is like using a notepad paper what enable you to note down that you need to do. Therefore, try this app to boost your performance index at your workplace.

5. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best apps that will keep all your notes organized in one place. You can tag information from various websites and embed them in tables, pictures audio and video. Evernote allows you to access all your business content regardless of where you are. Using it is simple you need to:

  • Organize your information into separate notebooks, i.e. insurance info, business docs, coupons receipts, and expenses.

  • Use Evernote camera to scan and save receipts and bills to track your expenses.

  • Create a central repository for marketing tools and ideas by saving reviews.

Evernote’s has free monthly tier caps that upload a total of 60 Mb with up to two synchronized devices. You can make as a subscription to enjoy more services.

6.Google Drive

Google drive app is one of the notable apps that are capable of sending documents with shareable links, photos, syncing capabilities across all devices, turning receipts and photos into PDFs.Google drive is vital because of the following reasons:

  • Efficiency through collaboration

  • Better data and smarter decisions which enrich your business

  • Ease of access and safekeeping of information

  • It has a vibrant ecosystem of third-party tools which offer small businesses numerous add on’s to choose one based on their needs at affordable prices.


If you are a small business owner, a freelancer or an entrepreneur you already know which apps to go to achieve your goals and successes. Choose an app based on your needs and make full utilization of its features and services.