Touring Office Spaces

Getting "boots on the ground" and touring Toronto office space

Office Tour

You have reached the next phase in looking for office spaces to rent, and now it’s time to start the fun stuff- touring office spaces. What better way to get an idea of the place and area you want to rent than going and checking the spaces out physically. Touring office spaces in Toronto can be fun but sometimes a little on the stressful side. You will visit many different areas, and you will need to come to terms on which area will best benefit your business. Do you need a flagship location on the Waterfront with parking or would a brick and beam style office in Liberty Village be a better fit?

Of course the business area is top priority, but as mentioned in the previous articles you will want to make sure the location is convenient for your employees and customers too! Being organized will benefit you in the process of finding office space for rent in Toronto. There are a few tips and tricks I can help recommend in making your experience the best it possibly can when touring office spaces.


Tip #1- Have A List of Questions You Want To Ask



When searching for office space to rent in Toronto you will want to be prepared. Make sure you have a list of questions and your criteria in order to find the right place. Before you search for an office space you should speak with your professional leasing agent about your criteria, so they can find a few places that meet your requirements and not waste any of your most precious resource... your time. With sending the agent your information before hand, this will save you time and cancel out places that you have no interest in.


Tip #2- Keep A Reasonable Amount Of Properties To Tour In One Go


You don’t want to have too many appointments in one day or you will get overwhelmed and you will feel rushed. Five to six appointments for one day is a good amount, this way you will have the time you need to ask questions and look at every possible detail. If you have a huge list of locations to visit than you probably aren't working with a Professional Leasing Agent who would have fine tuned your results for you. I'd suggest you get more specific with your needs and than expand to wants to reduce the amount of time you spend running around the city.


Tip #3- Remain Analytical


Don’t show too much excitement off the bat. Keep things to yourself in order to get the best price. If you show too much enthusiasm, the landlord could feel that eagerness and bump the price up. Keep things cool and collective. If you want to share information with them, let them know you are on a tour and you have other places to visit.


Tip #4- Compare The Buildings Appearances + Upkeep


before and after office building

I have stressed this in my previous articles, and I will remind you again, make sure the building is not set for any repairs in the future or at least be aware of what kind of renovations the building is planning to do. This could impact the traffic to your business or affect your office space in some way or another. It’s always good to be informed so you don’t get any surprises you are not aware of. The 'face' of the building and your new office will be a direct representation of you, your business, and your brand. Make sure it is congruent with the image you wish to portray.


Tip #5- Listen To The Listing Broker or Your Leasing Agent


Always listen to the advice your broker gives you when touring around to different office spaces. They know the market the best because this is their job. The information to provide you on the different buildings are viable and should be jotted down and reviewed before you make your decision.

"Trust but verify"

Having said that I do adhere to the "Trust but verity" motto. Make sure whomever you decide on working with at the end of the day is giving you reliable information.


Take enough time to write down information about each office space you tour. Write down the pros and cons and at the end of your tour, you will have a better idea as to which place has more pros than cons.

This should make the process a little easier on you when it comes for the down payment. When searching for office space for rent in Toronto make sure you are searching with an experience Professional Leasing Agent from the area. If you want a place in downtown Toronto but your agent is from Oakville, they are less likely to be informed about properties in the downtown area.

You want someone who knows the ins and outs and can inform you and answer all your questions. It’s important to remember that you may be making an impression on the landlord as well. Make sure you are positive and make a good impression, that way if you choose their place, they will rent or lease it to you!


Stay tuned for out next article on ‘The paperwork.’