hot desk vs dedicated desk

Dedicated Desk vs Hot Desk

Good morning everyone. Chris here, we've got another question with regards to what's the difference between a dedicated desk and a hot desk. To just give you a quick run down of that, a dedicated desk is what two clients are going to be in, in a shared co working area. So think of it like a a bull pen set up. We have a large open room area and several different desks, sitting throughout the area. So a dedicated desk is a desk that is assigned specifically to you. So every day that you come into the office you're going to be able to sit down in the exact same seat. You're also going to have your own area to lock up and secure all of your goods, whether it's your computers, phones and transferals products.You'll also have a key card. So you have access 24/7 to the building and to get into your work area. That's the dedicated desk.

The hot desk is an unassigned seating, so when you show up and arrive in the office space, you just pick whatever desk happens to be available at that point in time. This is a lower cost option as long as you're okay with the flexibility of not having the the seat and the area to secure stuff and leave them overnight. Additionally, one key difference between the dedicated desk and the hot desk is that the hot desk does not have 24/7 access. So you're not going to receive a key card and you're not going to be able to get in all hours of the day. So the primary difference between the two of them, again, hot desk is going to be just something where you pop in and pick any available open seating that there is for you and dedicated desks is where a space is signed to you. You have lockable cabinets and storage areas and you're going to have a key card for 24/7 access. So that is the difference between the hot desk and a dedicated desk.

If you guys have any additional questions, keep them coming and I'm happy to try and answer them as we go along. Take care and we'll catch you guys later.