Is Meeting at Coffee Shop Professional?

client meeting in coffee shop

Managing Client First Impressions

Meeting with a client especially for the very first time can really be overwhelming. However, like just anything in our careers, it is very interesting. In fact, in order to shine you have to take some advance procedures or steps for a successful meeting. Ideally you have to plan and organize and possibly undertake one of the most crucial tasks in gaining trust of your client as well as achieving an amazing and successful business relationship.

Many meetings take place at the coffee shops due to the fact that the selling person lacks an office especially outside their home. A home office is generally perfectly acceptable specifically for operating your business if it can work for you. Meeting your customers or clients at a public facility like the coffee shops is not always a good idea. This is because you
not only lose your professionalism but also your client will not be able to listen to you as a result of many distractions around.

Professionalism is however a vital constituent of each and every business process and businessperson. Generally speaking, no matter what your business niche is, a professional outlook greatly helps you to achieve the trust of your first time clients as well as securing a very successful relationship with them.

Your first meeting is basically the most important. This is where the client has the opportunity to make up their mind particularly about your work and how perhaps they might be able to basically collaborate with you. Therefore, displaying or showing a professional outlook is actually very important.

It is very important to note that all your research and hard work can be flushed away when you make one simple mistake, that is choosing the wrong venue of meeting.

Do you want to risk out losing on business just because that coffee shop you went to was loudly playing music? Or just because the hotel bar was over-run by a stag party?

This is the time to make a great change.

Renting a good meeting room is better compared to the public facilities environment. The catch here however is that motel and hotel meeting rooms are generally quiet, large and
can as well be expensive.

Super Dave and Seinfeld at coffee shop meeting

Another idea would be to look for an executive suites business particularly in your area, walk there and check their meeting rooms. Ideally, if you could plan for several meetings especially on the same day you could save a lot of money through getting the full day rate. Actually you will realize that some of the executive suites have a day office that can be rented, telephone, complete with internet service and coffee included.

Some suite centers will actually make you a special offer especially if you assure them on becoming a regular client and rent a room frequently.

Smaller colleges based in your area can also provide the opportunity to rent a room to you since many have mainly evening classes. Many of their class rooms are usually empty especially during daytime hours.

Here are some of the key reasons why you need to change your approach to your meetings and leave the coffee shops.

Unpredictable, Slow and Touchy Wi-Fi

In most cases you start your laptop, hit-up your browser to so as to start churning out your awesome presentation. But wait… The Wi-Fi at the small coffee shop is moving very slowly. This is too common and makes it a good reason to avoid the coffee shop meetings.

Too Many Distractions and lack of Enough Space

You can actually have full control over the place and time you choose to meet your hopeful client, business partner or a co-worker. However, you can’t control what or who will be there particularly when you get there – or even who will arrive when you are all settled in.


For instance, if you fail to work out of an office, you’re yet not stuck. It’s easy, very cheap, and totally worth it to find or rent a conference room with the necessary right tools – like a projector, white board, a printer, and a reliable Wi-Fi. This great atmosphere is totally amazing for your first meeting with a client.

In conclusion, a professional display gives the right impression to your clients. Holding a meeting in a coffee shop or even a restaurant gives you and your clients an opportunity to come out of the office but the perceived risks of unpredictable people or crowds, touchy Wi-Fi, verbal and non-verbal miscommunications, as well as looking like an unprofessional chump are just too many. It is important to stick to an office atmosphere and you’ll definitely find that both perform better and benefit more specifically both in and out of the meeting.