Selecting Your Office Furniture

Picking out office furniture seems like the simplest thing to do… figure out the size of your work station and equipment, match it to the size of the office furniture you’re purchasing and then fit all that into a given space.

There's much more to selecting the right furniture for your office

Finding the right office space is about so much more. It is about proportions, moods, lighting, positioning, color schemes, and the perfect harmony of it all. A famous painter, Pablo Picasso once said, a good artist copies; a great one steals. Silicon Valley is currently the world’s biggest start-up incubator, and the headquarters of 39 businesses in the Fortune 1000. Basically
it is the home of many of the young brilliant minds of this world. Office spaces in the valley are characterized by large open spaces, with interactive furniture. Gone are the times when offices were constructed in a hierarchical structure where departments were divided by floors, individual offices by walls and cubicles. In an article written by Harvard Business Review, the vice president of Samsung said, “The most creative ideas aren’t going to come while seated in
front of your monitor.”

But rather Innovation happens when people collide, and hence an open space plan.The rise of shared work spaces all over the world has gravely helped start-ups, small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs because most of them adapt the same kind of set up that happens in many of the office spaces in silicon valley. So the tenants that rent these shared spaces do not have to bother themselves with putting together the perfect work space
that fuels innovation and maximized productivity because a lot of time and research has already gone into that. However if you fall in one of these categories and still
want to set up your own office, here a few pointers to guide you.


office equipped with standing desks

For your tables or desks one can either use furniture made out of boards or furniture made out of wood. Particle boards have been found to be easily manipulated into any shape and design to suit your taste. So if you want round interactive tables, animated curvy tables or plain straight forward tables or desks, boards are the best alternative to use. Wood is always great
for any kind of furniture, but it has a wide selection of types that are sensitive to weather, time and can be hard to maintain depending on what is going on top of the table tops. On top of all of this, the very good rich looking wood is very expensive and not practical for a small office set up.

Anthropometry is the science that measures the range of body sizes in a population. Globalization and free trade has led to the import and export of equipment without consideration of anthropometric dimensions. This is why it is advisable to have your furniture custom made, or bought in the same country as it is going to be used in.

decorative bookshelf in office

Ergonomic chairs are a popular option for furnished offices

For your chairs there are ergonomic chairs that are most popular in an interactive set up office, they usually come in different colors and can make a complete 360 rotation. Other alternatives include, swivel chairs-that are more upright, less flexible. Guest chairs that you can have in the waiting area of your office. Stools that can be used for your cocktail tables which are necessary for meet and greet office hang outs. These days it is also not uncommon to find a comfortable couch in the office space for relaxation, or friendly meetings.

Book shelves, it is imperative that an office environment have book shelves. Regardless of the subtle dying out culture of reading, there’s a professional look, feel and smell that books provide. On top of that the office will always receive weekly/ monthly magazines, autographed books and most especially the daily newspaper, all those go on the book shelves with a couple of carefully chosen ornaments that work with the general style of the office set-up.


It is important to pay attention to the lighting of your space. Make sure to situate the furniture in a way that you let in as much natural light from outside, there is a correlation between the lighting of a space and the natural flow of mind juice.

Color scheme

Dark colors make a room feel cold and small, bright colors not only make a room appear bigger but they also therapeutic. Greys, blues and whites are a safe choice for office space. Last but definitely not least, remember to get an office plant for the ambiance of the space.