Could a Restaurant Be Your New Workspace?

Working from restaurant

Here's a new spin on an old idea. Flexday is working with restaurants in the Toronto area to transform their empty seats during downtime into workspaces. It's no surprise that in Ontario the cost of everything is increasing, food, labor, and rent.

Flexday positions itself between restaurant owners and freelancers and others who might find it a convenient place to work or have a business meeting. Flexday proposes a monthly membership fee of $49 for seven days of work time or $95 for unlimited usage. 

While we offer a large number of private office and coworking spaces across the city at we are not currently working with any restaurants. Flexspace primarily focuses on dinner only restaurants allowing them to sharfe the sopaces during the day when they would otherwise be empty.

One of the draws with this concept is that it helps those who cannot workfrom home get out of the house and we're all about offering flexability and building a  mobile work force!