Quick Questions; What is a Virtual Office

Hey folks, Chris here, just going to answer a another round of quick questions today.

What is a Virtual Office?

What has come up was virtual offices. The question being what exactly is a virtual office and how might you use that for your business? So hopefully you can hear me a little bit windy here today, but we'll make the best of it. So a virtual office is essentially an address where you can register your business at as well as receive mail couriers and then meet with clients on occasion when you need to.

How a virtual office differs from a Po boxes. That appeal box is just, well it's a post office box in like a strip mall or Canada Post, USPS or wherever and it's solely that mail product and service. But with a virtual office, it's an actual office commercial office building at any number of locations around the city or in the state.

How is this useful?

So when someone googles your address they will see a proper office complex, not USPS outlet in a strip mall. Additionally, if you needed to get, or to use some office space, let's say you had a client coming in to town and you wanted to sit down and meet with them, then of course you can use one of the private office spaces that we have available and check in and meet with with your client and go from there. So the key benefits of the virtual office is that it's a much lower price point, you know, to get in and started with your, with your business because you're not renting the full overhead of having a proper office 24 seven and you only use the office to meet with clients on the exact moments when you need them. So it's a very low commitment, but a very good way to get registered.

Additionally, it gives you the option of projecting your presence. So let's say you're located primarily in New York, but you solely want to expand, say further south, and you want to have an office location or the image of a new fully staffed location in Tampa Bay Florida. Then in which case you'd get a virtual office set up in Tampa and on your website or with your clients or in conversations, you'll have the New York address and the Tampa address, and then when they need to meet with you, then and only then do you book the actual space to meet with the clients. So that's in a nutshell on what exactly the virtual office is and what and how it could be a benefit of your business. Take care and keep the quick questions coming in.

Well I’ll look forward to the next one.