Quick Questions; What is a Day Office?

Hey, we're ready to go. So just wanted to take a quick minute to answer another quick question. One of the question that we receive a lot, surprisingly often actually is what does the day office and how is someone able to use and utilize that for their business?

What is a Day Office?

So a day off is in essence it's like a part time office. It's an office space that's private so it will be only you working from within this space. But the, the suite itself is only available from like 8:30 to 5:00 PM so it's more geared towards someone's looking for maybe to meet with clients, drove a day, make sales calls or otherwise just get into a quiet private space where they can run and operate the business without any interruptions.

When Can I Get In, What Are The Hours?

Now you're welcome to stay and continue working in the business center well past 5:00 PM and that's no problem. You can stay really as long as you like and continued working from the business lounge.

But the center's all locked down generally speaking around between five and six. Depends on which location you're looking at. So you can exit whenever you like. But you couldn't say, show up with a client at like 9:00 PM and get into the center and start working. So that of course would be one of the main limitations. But the pros for them is that the day offices can be either set up as like a park from office space or you're going to have unlimited usage.

Who Is This A Good Option For?

So it's a good entry level point for someone to get started into. And with the private office space, but without the commitment of renting out one of their are rented out an office space for themselves dedicated with 24 seven access. The private offices rather the private day offices themselves range in price from about $249 a month up to around $630 a month, thereabouts, depending on what type of, again usage your what your, there's part time options and unlimited options and some options in between.

So that was a, the answer. Jeremy's a quick question, which was what does a day office or what is a part time office and how does that all work? So keep the questions coming in. I'll try to pop in every now and again periodically to see how we can answer them and hopefully take care for you guys. So take care. We'll talk to you guys soon.