QQs: What is included?

What’s included with the rentals?


And that's whether it's an office space or a co-working space. The per person pricing is just a simple estimate of what any certain office of a given size might cost.

Some things that would cost extra would be what you're using in terms of printing. So obviously if you're going to print, 10 pages or a hundred pages, you would pay just for what you use. And if you needed some of the larger boardrooms and conference rooms, you would just pay for those hourly. But for the smaller meeting rooms and whatnot, that's all included.

We try to keep it simple, try to keep it straightforward for you guys. So that's what's included. Additionally worth mentioning the amenities do vary slightly from location to location. So do ask a professional leasing agent or take a look at the listing and it'll show you everything else is included.