Benefits of an Open Plan Office Space

Hybrid Style Office Design

Everybody realizes that a happy team is a more productive team. With regards to office staff, the workplace is a standout among the most vital factors in fulfilling staff productivity. Trying to keep everyone on your team happy can be a challenge. Is the conventionally divided work space the way to go or will an open plan workplace suit you? Let's have a look at the advantages of both. 

Advantages of an Open Plan

An open plan work space is perfect for those whose jobs encourage lot of natural communication between team members. This ease of correspondence can make for a more productive workplace. It can also reduce pressure on management as their continuous proximity keeps them accessible to the rest of the team and less intimidating to approach as a result.

Status battles in an open plan layout get tossed out the window when there is no contest for the corner office to go after, however there may always be conflict over the best office chair! This change in tone works out to less conflict among your team about who does or doesn't merit those additional benefits. 

Although an open plan office may feel like a little city with everybody swarmed by each other, it can make for a pleasant social environment. Many individuals appreciate the feeling of the group that an open plan gives and like to know what is going on around them as opposed to feeling shut out. The close and open proximity of management also encourages constant work.

The design of your office, decorations and furnishings can speak volumes about your business, the organization, and the management team thereof. Office furniture, albeit often thought of as an afterthought, does not simply need to be utilitarian and can be a better expression of your style and branding.

Your business requirements together with the nature of your business will coordinate how your offices are to be composed. For example, lawyers and many in the legal sector will require private offices for client meetings and calls where as designers and artistic types don’t necessarily have the same necessity. You may opt for an open plan layout for your staff, with several different work areas, along these lines advancing cooperation among your staff. And then set aside separate areas for meetings, breakout sessions, and quiet booths for phone calls or video conferences. This is referred to as a hybrid office. You will find the ideal hybrid office design here at our 240 Richmond Street West location in Toronto.