Ideal Office Amenities for your DREAM Office

When it comes time to decorating your office, you know you are in it for the long run. It can be hard sometimes, trying to figure out how to decorate your office space and what kind of amenities you will need.

This article will lay out the basic necessities every office needs, and the ideal way to decorate your office space in Toronto. You might be thinking, how do you know my style? Of course you can decorate your space in whatever colors you want and amenities that you love, but this will give you a basic outline to get you started.

Basic Office Amenities include:

Business Lounge
  • Tenant lounge

  • Fast Internet

  • Flexible furniture

  • Commuting options nearby

  • Cleaning service

  • Coffee maker

  • Access to food options nearby

Luxury Office Amenities include:

Gourmet Colombian Coffee

The most important contraption when it comes to office amenities is to provide a comfortable environment for your employees and to make sure they have adequate furniture. This will include chairs with lumbar support, armrests, and a swivel option- followed by an arm length desk that is accessible from every angle.

Another popular option (maybe a trendy option in Toronto recently) is to provide sit/stand desks. This gives your employees and yourself the option to stand up and work if they want too. It’s important to have good posture when working an office job in order to maintain good health.

With a standing desk option, this helps keep your posture in line at work- as long as you are not bending down to do your work. Your chin needs to be up in order to maintain good posture. If you want your employees to product quality work, make sure you provide them with a quality office space to work from.

Basic office amenities are things that come standard in every working office. So for example: A fast Internet connection, good furniture, proper lighting and space, a place for visitors and customers to sit, a place that is easy to commute to for your employees, a coffee maker, cleaning service and food options nearby.

You need to think about your employees if you are providing office space for them. If it is for yourself, and you don’t care about those amenities, than that is up to you! When people are happy with what they do and where they work, their progress is a lot better and the whole overall mood in the office is a lot better. Going above and beyond to make your office space an enjoyable one will make your business more successful.

Even doing ‘Pizza Friday’s’ and supplying pizza for your staff every week, or switching it up- will make your customers feel appreciated and know that everything they do is making a difference.

When it comes to luxury office amenities, of course it matters on how big the business is. A small startup company cannot afford to supply chefs on site or luxury entertainment options as a larger corporation. If you own a large business, or you work for a large company- those luxury amenities are things you could expect. A fitness center is good to workout, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to also get your employees minds or your mind off your work.

Workdays can be stressful, so what better way than to take it out on the treadmill or lifting weights. Having chef’s onsite to cook meals for your employees is a smart idea, and gives your employees the option of eating at the office. Espresso machine and window views are pretty basic amenities that you can expect from working out of a large office, however some companies do not provide this.

Security in the office depends on where you work and the business you work for. Nap rooms are and treadmill desks are more trendy amenities that are starting to become more popular every day. This gives your employees the chance to take a break from work and have a power nap. This could be beneficial for people who are staring at a computer screen all day, and they need a quick nap in order to maintain their efficiency at work. Treadmill desks are a super luxurious amenity because of the hefty price each desk will cost, however they are super neat and allow employees to walk and work at the same time.

Entertainment options include a tennis table or pool table, which is a great activity to do on lunch breaks or after work. This just makes work a little more fun and relaxed- same with an outdoor lounge area. If you want to have casual Fridays with pizza, you can go out on the lounge and enjoy.

The new thing now is pet friendly spaces. People don’t want to leave their pets at home all day, so this allows them to bring their pet to work with them. If you are a pet lover, you will love this idea. You see more and more office spaces in Toronto allowing their employees to bring their dogs to work. As long as no one is allergic or has any problems with pets, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

Now that you are prepared with the ideal office amenities in your workspace, stay tuned for our next article on ‘The hidden value with flexible workspaces.’ ☺