Why a Coworking Space May Not Be Right for You


Here at AllOffice.Space we’re in the business of finding our clients beautiful offices and coworking spaces to work from all around the world. Our objective is to find you a great fit that specifically suits the needs of you and your business. But coworking isn’t for everyone and here’s our short list of why Coworking may not be for you.

You Can Actually Work from Home

Not everyone can be productive at home, I certainly can’t. There’s too many distractions and things I’d prefer to do like play with my dog, grazing on snacks throughout the day, or getting lost in a rabbit hole of videos on Youtube. If you only need to get out of the house on the odd occasion you would be better served by visiting a coffeeshop at that time or even just paying the day rate at your coworking location of choice.

You Already Have A Strong Business Network

One of the main appeals for coworking spaces is the different types of people who you can meet and collaborate with. Additionally, many coworking locations put on networking events to mix members together and help you foster business relationships. However, if you are already established or your line of work keeps you out an about in social circles this service as offered may be redundant.

You Don’t (or rarely) Have In-Person Meetings

One of the benefits of having access to an established coworking location is your ability to host clients in a professional environment. While you can meet at coffee shops depending on your business it isn’t generally conducive to business or all that professional. If you don’t meet with any of your clients in person this is a moot point. If you are going to meet someone one a one-off situation you can again, just rent an office on the daily rate.

Coffee Shops Work for You

I touched on this earlier but if you are totally okay with working from coffee shops and don’t mind the distractions than in the words of Montgomery Scott “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”