Why a Coworking Space May Be Right for You


Last week we discussed several reasons why coworking might not be right for you and your business. This week we’re going to look at the other side of the coin and cover some reason why coworking might be good for you after all.

You Are A Collaborator

If collaboration is your schtick than there really isn’t any better option for it than a coworking space. Where else would be so easily be able to meet as many like minded individuals under one roof in non-competing and possibly complimentary businesses. The networking opportunities are huge!

You Need to Present A Professional Image

If you’ve got an upcoming meeting with clients, investors, or potential business partners which option do you think would inspire more professional confidence. Meeting you for the first time in a coffee shop or at your furnished office or in a meeting room. It’s much easier to win new business after you have fostered trust and you don’t look like a fly by night organization.

Low Start-Up Cost

As a small business owner or freelancer we understand that you need to be budget conscious. By getting your foot in the door and beginning in a shared space you can easily get started building our business without tying up capital in long term leases. Even if you can easily bank roll a large office tying up the resources may not be in your best interest if you can get a better return on your investment by reinvesting in other aspects of your business.

Flexible Commitment

You might be surprised how easy it can be to grow your business and scale it up within the flexibility that comes with a coworking or shared office arrangement. Even if you only need the larger space for team meeting, you can easily check into large boardrooms as you see fit.

Centralized Locations

While operating from a coworking location it is very easy for your clients to find and get in touch with you. In sharing an office space with a AAA address you get instant access to not only the neighbourhood but also the perceived prestige that comes with it. Depending on the business you are in this could make a big difference!

We have coworking, shared and private office solutions in EVERY major market across North America, call us today for a private tour and a trial to see if it could be a great new fit for you and your business!