How can Artificial Intelligence help your Business?

What’s all the fuss about Artificial Intelligence and how can you make it work for you and your business?

First things first you might be asking- what exactly is artificial intelligence? And I’m not quite referring to Star Trek’s iconic Lt. Cmdr Data… yet.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for machines to perform tasks like humans. These machines adjust to experiences and new inputs then create tasks and perform similar to what a human would do. You might be familiar with self-driving vehicles, which is based off of artificial intelligence.

The same thing applies to games that you play with the computer, such as chess. The computer collects data that helps complete certain tasks and can recognize different data patterns.

Artificial Intelligence helps to analyze data using different networks that use to have hidden areas. With all the data being entered into the computers today, we now can build fraud detection systems using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence also adapts and can get through different algorithms which in term allows the data to help program.

By getting through the algorithms, the system actually acquires a skill and can help recommend other skills and adjust through different data and system training.

Now, the examples provided above can help better understand how artificial intelligence can help your business in today’s world. Computers are so powerful and filled with so much data, that now they can operate themselves with little to no help.

As long as they have the data to go off of, artificial intelligence is made possible. Within the office, we basically run off data and technology from different software programs and services, which is already embracing advanced technology.

modern data center

If you think of where you store photos, and videos, and apps, and all the other stuff you store on your technological devices, it’s stored in ‘the cloud.’ It’s proven that with technology updates and advancements that workers essentially work more productively.  Therefore your business will be more productive, especially with artificial intelligence.

In the next two years, artificial intelligence is expecting to be more commonly used in different companies such as with sales and marketing, finance, corporate development, strategic planning, and HR.

With artificial intelligence in the workplace it will create over two million more jobs and enhance the workplace with better technology. Businesses will benefit from it by improved monitoring of the workload, augmented production, a better employment development, lower costs of technology and many other benefits. If you think of how many people use technology on a day-to-day basis and how much technology has advanced over the years, it’s safe to say that the more advanced technology becomes, the more efficient people are in their workspaces.

work somewhere awesome

It also makes people happier, increases safety in the workspace and better performance and prospect to learn. There is a huge culture shift with artificial intelligence, just like when robots were first incorporated into the workspace. It’s crazy to think but in the next year, companies are expected to have up to 1000x more data than they do today.

When it comes to healthcare, artificial intelligence is transforming that business sector for the better. AI is helping to make diagnoses faster and without additional properties. Since the algorithm has scanned billions and billions of data, it can now identify different patterns in scans that could hypothetically match the data that was given by the doctor- all without a radiologist.

Technology is a crazy thing, and is constantly updating and changing the way we do business on a habitual basis. Furthermore, with more data and having access to different algorithms, we can conceptualize and understand different formalities, which is beneficial in every business. If you have access to all that data at work, it will make your job a lot easier and even possible for some companies.

Analytics also help businesses advance from their opposition, which is helpful for gaining capital and getting a head of the game. It helps drive innovation in the workplace, as well as automation. Just like mentioned previously, it would help create insight into fraudulent activities and help prevent that from happening by looking into data trends and patterns.

Now that you have a better idea of what artificial intelligence is all about, don’t be apprehensive about advanced technology and different data trends that will be changing the way we do business toady. Embrace the changes, and adapt because it’s here to stay and being informed will better help you understand how artificial intelligence will play a huge role in business and personal development.