Our Team

The Story About Us Begins In 2012

In 2012, I was desperately searching for small office space and another week passed by without having any of my calls returned. I was gutted! I was a potential client I thought, and I wanted to find a home for my business, nothing fancy, just a small office where I could diligently get some work done. 

We couldn't find small office space in Toronto

But when you're looking for a small office space of only a couple hundred square feet, good luck finding a landlord or real estate agent who will give you the time of day. And god help you if you want flexible lease terms like a month to month lease! It just isn't worth it for them to service such small clients as startups and independent professionals as accountants, lawyers, advisers, and consultants. I thought there had to be a better way. As I started looking at the online classifieds again feeling somewhat deflated I was inspired by the notion of a creating a single website with a specific focus on catering to these woefully under served clients.

I was tired of being ignored by real estate agents and landlords

Over the following years I obtained my real estate licence and made commercial real estate my focus, made relationships with landlords and property managers who "got it" and built AllOffice.Space, the single best way to find small office space in the GTA. Our company quickly grew to encompass small and medium size office listings in every major market across Canada and soon the US! Clients finally had a way to find small, fully furnished offices with flexible lease terms from multiple landlord sources. 

Unlike our competitors we didn't want to make it impossible to speak with another human being to ask for office help by funneling our clients into using online portals and email response forms. We're not about hiding behind emails and online forms saving money at the expense of client service. It wasn't long thereafter that we opened a client concierge call center dedicated to assisting our clients 24/7, 366 (we got you covered even on leap years!).

Serving our clients 24/7/366

Along the way we've discovered that removing customer service humans from equation may significantly lower our staffing costs and can increase the number of "leads" in the system but that does not fit with our client service first mantra. 

Whether you're a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or enterprise client our AllOffice.Space team wants to empower you and your workforce to do your best work from beautiful places around the world. 

- Chris A. Allen | Director of Sales & Marketing